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We are aware of the environmental impact, in terms of CO2 emissions, that our business and more generally the tourism sector entails. We have always chosen to make your stay as sustainable as possible by adopting energy efficiency measures, producing part of the hot water with solar panels, purchasing energy produced 100% from renewable sources, eliminating disposable plastic and small bottles in the bathrooms, purchasing Ecolabel products for cleaning and cooking, encouraging the differentiation of waste throughout the house and offering a cuisine made of local raw materials at KmZERO. We have already set out to obtain an environmental certification that allows us to monitor the process, the results, implement new practices and be able to tell it with more credibility … BUT we have discovered that we can do more and together with our guests!

Petit Hotel for Trees


Thanks to HOTELS FOR TREES a Dutch non-profit foundation whose mission is to make the hotel sector in Europe more sustainable by converting savings on room cleaning costs into new trees to plant. The idea behind it is simple, of course every guest pays for daily housekeeping and for many it is part of the luxury and experience of travel. However, one question remains: Do all guests really need their room cleaned every single day? Or with an easy and transparent offer would they be willing to skip a day of room cleaning in exchange for something “green” and something as good as planting a tree?

here is how it works:

  1. Guests book a multiple night stay at a participating hotel
  2. During this stay guests hang the unique Hotels for Trees door hanger outside their room for one or multiple days
  3. On these days the hotel skips the room cleaning. The total number of rooms not cleaned is entered into an online portal that same evening
  4. As soon as these figures have been entered the total number of trees planted is shown on the website per hotel and per day
  5. Hotels for Trees invoices the hotels each month and ensures that the corresponding number of trees is planted
Petit Hotel for Trees