Versilia and Tuscany do not need to be locked up in a cliché, but to be discovered or experienced with an open heart and soul; from the Apuan Alps to the reed beds of Massaciuccoli Lake to the sandy dunes of the Viareggio beach, this land holds something atavistic, as if time had slowed down.

Anyone who wants to visit it and to do so needs hospitality, know that there is a house with nine rooms ready to welcome you.

In our blog we tell you a bit of curiosity and news from Petit Hotel and Versilia and we suggest some activities to do here in Tuscany

in bici in versilia
le arnie sulla spiaggia di San Rossore a Pisa

Beach honey

ingresso al Podere Lovolio
una vista sul lago di isolasanta e sui boschi con i tipici colori autunnali
la stazione di santa Maria Novella a Firenze
la piscina interna dei Bagni di Pisa
Petit Hotel in collaborazione con Hotels for for Trees

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