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    B&B PETIT HOTEL offer

    The B&B treatment includes a rich breakfast with fresh croissants, cakes and homemade cakes, yoghurt and cereals, fruit, centrifuged and salted with coffee service. We serve it in the indoor air-conditioned room and in the cool outdoor garden.


    HB treatment includes half-board with a rich breakfast and dinner with a four-course menu in the Casa Piattofondo restaurant.

    We offer a daily menu that includes a first and a second, both a choice between a fish dish and one of meat, a choice between the desserts of our production, water and coffee.

    The menus are the result of a careful selection of local raw materials prepared with care and creativity. There is a lot of Tuscany in our dishes, with some surprise diversions and infinite love for the Italy of flavours. We do everything even GLUTEN FREE