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Thermal Spa in Pisa

le vasche termali ai bagni di Pisa

It happened several times that our guests asked us what they could do to spend a rainy day and so in the search we went to try the Terme di Pisa, the experience was very positive and we recommend it.

The thermal pools and tubs are inside an eighteenth-century villa renovated in 2003, the area of ​​San Giuliano Terme was known for its thermal waters since ancient times (Etruscans and Romans). In 1112 Matilda di Canossa had the baths restored and then returned to splendor in 1770 thanks to the Grand Duke Francesco Stefano di Lorena, when San Giuliano Terme was a lively center from a cultural as well as a curative point of view: with important guests such as Mary Shelley, the rulers of half of Europe, Vittorio Alfieri and Carlo Goldoni.

The pools are not many or particularly large but the strengths are:

  • thermal water: this is truly a SPA, or Salus per Acquam (= health through water). It feels immediately on the skin! The “sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy” waters flow at the foot of Monte San Giuliano at 38 degrees (in the western part) and 40.5 degrees (in the eastern part).
  • the cave with the natural spring, which descends into a basin carved into the rock (it is very small, there are 4-5 people at the most!). The water is hot!
  • treatments: the variety and quality of treatments is consistent. The slimming, detoxifying and aesthetic programs for both face and body are interesting. But those at the forefront are colon hydrotherapy, hot salt beds, a bath with salt water to float and the new proposal of ionized water.

There is also a restaurant and a bar, we have lunch and it was all delicious.

Thermal Spa in Pisa

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To the visit to the Thermal Baths of Pisa you can also combine a tour of the Certosa di Calci and the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa find out everything here

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