A unique experience for the eyes and the heart: the Lovolio estate

A charming place, surrounded by nature and infused with its scents and colors. A physical and spiritual destination. A pure emotion thanks to its immense beauty.

Curious about some pictures we had seen on the web, we took the Vespa and went to visit this place that enchanted us for its beauty and the peace. We can only recommend a visit.

The Podere Lovolio, located among olive trees and citrus fruits, is a place where animals coexist in perfect harmony with man. The Pomara Scibetta Foundation exhibits installations and works of art along a path with philosophical and spiritual references. The path includes the Syncratic Temple, Zarathustra’s Garden, the Avenue of Seasons shaded by Obelisks, and the rain of wishes under the rainbow. Podere Lovolio is a fascinating and open place for everyone.

How to get to Podere Lovolio

The Podere Lovolio has deep roots in the picturesque Versilia, near Lake Massaciuccoli in Massarosa. The Pomara Scibetta Arte Bellezza Cultura Foundation, inspired by passion and dedication, led the renovation of an old farmhouse in 2010, surrounded by the charming surrounding landscapes. The desire was to create a unique place where to enclose values such as art, creativity and spirituality. The name of the farm, Lovolio, expresses the love for nature in all its forms, such as the harmonious coexistence between animals, the beauty of the greenhouses, citrus groves and olive groves that produce excellent organic oil every year. As a confirmation of the sensitivity of the place, among the works of the garden, there is the sculpture of the sign, inspired by the work “LOVE” by Robert Indiana.